Amsterdam red light district

The most famous X-rated venue on the planet. Even the Pope is aware of what goes on at this place. Located in the area known as 'Wallen', it dates back to the 13th century, making it one of the oldest parts of the city, but many things could be set to change in the Red Light District as the Government is planning major reforms. Prostitution has always been rife in the Red Light District, but it wasn't until the 18th century that the window ladies appeared. At that time, Amsterdam's port was extremely busy and sailors would walk to the area seeking intoxication and the ladies of the night. Much has changed since then and contrary to many reports, it isn't as sleazy or unsafe as most people imagine. A string of canals bisect the main thoroughfares of the district, which are linked to several narrow alleyways. The area is quite busy during the day, and when darkness falls, the atmosphere becomes vibrant and busy. The district has just about everything a sex haven requires. Live sex shows, peep shows, sexual theme bars, sex shops, pornographic video booths, fetish parlours, lap dancing clubs, a sex museum and of course the infamous girls behind the windows.

The Red Light Ladies - The majority of the Red Light Ladies are extremely beautiful and hail from all corners of the world. They offer oral sex and sexual intercourse for an average price of 50 Euro. All the prostitutes are legal and most undergo regular health checks. The girls pay between 100 and 150 Euro for daily rent of the window. In The Red Light District, it's true to say that the world's oldest profession has undergone major modernization work. However, certain rules must be adhered to and its worth taking a look at our 'Better Safe Than Sorry' article below.

Better Safe Than Sorry! Some essential safety tips for The Red Light District Prostitutes Remember, sex is business for them, so be polite and courteous. Don't get any ideas about threatening the girls or harming them, because bodyguards, despite not being visible are always close at hand. PHOTOGRAPHS Taking photographs of the girls is forbidden. If you break this rule, your film or even your camera could be confiscated or even destroyed. CHARLIE BOYS - These are the numerous individuals selling hard drugs on the black market . Most of them are harmless, but their goods can often be damaging. If They approach you, just say no and walk away.